Here at Boss Automation, We provide professional engineering services for all the projects in which we are involved. Layout, electrical and as-built drawings can all be included with our programming and on-site services.

We offer complete turnkey automation solutions utilizing our in-house resources and our network of mechanical and electrical contractors. We have the ability to provide complete project management services, customized operator training, on-site startup support, and a variety of other project related services for all types of systems.

Why Us?

  • 30+ Years Experience
  • Rockwell Certified SI
  • Alarm System Callout Integration
  • Responsive Design
  • Historian Services
  • Unique Styling
  • Packed with Features
  • Adaptive for Most System

Management Services

we recognize that in order for a project to be successful, more than just the technical solution needs to be considered and planned for.

Customer Relations

We are focused on developing long-term relationships with our clients based on the delivery of high-value, cost-effective, and responsive project and support services.


Our technical resources team seeks to develop complete solutions that efficiently extract and deliver information from the sensing and control devices in the field, through the data gathering, regulatory control and safety systems, into advanced process control and operations applications and up into corporate enterprise systems.

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Safety / Risk Management

With the current focus on corporate responsibility and sustainability, it is more important than ever for organizations to ensure that they have skilled resources to support and maintain safe operations.

Industrial IT Services

We will work with client Operations and IT teams, integrating classic control designs with modern network, communications, and applications architectures while maintaining a secure and agile infrastructure.

Process Data Management

Managing your data is not just about collecting data, but looking at the “right” data in your systems and creating reports that provide effective decision making information for productivity improvements. Learn how to create a system that works for your needs and can provide immediate results.

Custom Design

Our systems are custom built to assist your companies needs. With the ability to inategrate almost any system we have got you handled.


Our Fully Automated systems are designed with 100% safety in mind. From interlocks, senors, and thermal. We monitor for prevention of future problems.


Maintaining the highest standards of code. We believe in clean and concise code, This results in efficiency and reduces confusion for future integrators.


We provide seemless integration to reduce down time. Offfering speed, consitancy, and quality. You know your in good hands.

Boss Automation

The Total Solution Provider

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